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  1. HYTORC Washer

    Replacing your standard washer with an Hytorc Washer makes your job safer, faster and more accurate while increasing the lifespan of your tools. This upgrade can be used on nearly every bolting application without changing your existing bolts and nuts.Increase Job Safety -The elimination of external moving parts and the intuitive design of the HYTORC Washer system make it the safest bolting method in the industry.Increase Joint Integrity -The HYTORC Washer ensures even and accurate bolt load to eliminate joint failure and unintentional nut loosening -Increase Tool Longevity -Other bolting systems put the reaction arm and square drive on opposite sides of the tool causing high stress in the body of the tool, which can lead to failure over time. The HYTORC Washer puts the action and reaction on the square drive axis to eliminate the majority of internal stress, and increase the lifetime of your tools Product Details:The HYTORC Washer™: Combining the benefit of torque & tension while eliminating unknowns!The HYTORC Washer™ is available for bolt sizes from 1/2" – 4", and is designed for all temperatures Controlled, reliable bolt load accuracy to ±5%Safety is optimized with hands free bolting even on inverted applications Reaction arms and back up wrenches are no longer required The elimination of the reaction arm provides longer tool life Human error is reduced with less complicated procedures Less labor intensive operation equals fewer incidents The HYTORC Washer™ meets ASTM-A194-01 and ASME-SA194-01 specifications
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  2. HYTORC Nut

    Hytorc Nut has the inner sleeve connected to the bolt end and is held stationary by the HYTORC machine during operation.The outer sleeve which turns on the washer face is connected to the inner sleeve by an acme thread (ASME/ANSI B1.5) providing a higher turning friction to the inner sleeve and washer than the outer sleeve.When the action force of the HYTORC machine is applied to the outer sleeve and its opposite reaction force to the inner sleeve, the outer sleeve turns at a known coefficient of friction on precision machined surfaces.This results in the inner sleeve (and the bolt) rising in a torsion-free, pure axial motion applying pre-calibrated tension to the bolt.The hardened washer remains stationary during the entire operation eliminating facial galling. Pure, mechanical bolt tension is provided hands-free (even on inverted applications) without the use of bridges, pullers or jack screws and without relying on bolt relaxation to seat the nut!The HYTORC NUT is rated for temperatures up to 1,000F (537C). The HYTORC NUT™ is available for any bolt size (imperial/metric), any thread configuration and upon request, is available in speciality materials to suit the application and environmental conditions Install The HYTORC NUT™, set the pump pressure, place the tool and push a button on the remote control to achieve unprecedented bolt load accuracy to + 5%... guaranteed!The HYTORC NUT is a perfect solution for limited radius applications.Applications set into a pocket or a counterbore situation pose a problem with conventional tooling. Standard drive extensions and machined down compromising the safety of the operator!The design and the mechanics of the Clamp allow positioning the HYTORC machine away from the conflict area!
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